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Christmas road trip - Agadir to Merzouga day 1,2

Updated: Jan 24, 2018

We managed to get a week off in Morocco, so we decided to drive to Sahara desert to have special Christmas.

First city we stopped was Taroudant which is about 3hours away from Agadir. Taroudant is known as the "Grandmother of Marrakesh" because it looks like a smaller Marrakesh with its surrounding ramparts.

As we have never driven further than Agadir from Taghazout, just the scenery from the road felt so exotic and amazing.

We managed to get a hotel in the main square which costs 50dh (5euro) for two of us with public toilet and no shower. People try to talk to you if you look you are from outside of the city. A guy we met tried to help us out finding a hotel but he seemed expecting a little money after he found us the hotel. it seems what they do for little money.

As in the picture the whole city is surrounded the wall. It is a vibrant city with a big souk(traditional market). We were going to look around the city renting a bike but the shop was closed on that day as the owner was ill. We met a few people tried to take us to their shop as a guide.

After a while drive, We got to the second destination Agdz. We went to quite nice hotel because we wanted to have shower and had a nice dinner.

A few restaurant we went had salad, main and dessert(fruit) set menu for 50-70 dh. We had Tagine which is very traditional dish cooked in the Moroccan pottery called Tagine. It can be vegitable, meat or fish. Moroccan people have Tagine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It was our first Kasbah found in Agdz,it was abandoned and didn't have any information. It seemed no one really visit or take care of so we felt we own this cool broken castle.

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