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Christmas road trip to Merzouga - day 3,4,5 we are finally in the desert

Updated: Jan 24, 2018

After 2days drive, we finally got to the city called Merzouga which is in Sahara. From the entrance, people try to stop you to bring you to their hostels so it is recommended to check where the hostel you're going to.

We went to the hostel called Le Gout Du Sahara, where our friend recommended. This hostel was actually our highlight of our trip. The owner Hassan always made sure we were having a good time, he was so helpful and kind. He made me think everyone in the city is nice. (they actually are)

After we checked in we went to the desert straight away to see the desert for the first time in our life. It was 15 minutes walk from the hostel.

We realised the sunset was very soon so we ran up to a high sand dune which was quite high. I had to run up for 20 minutes.

So we made the sunset it was absolutely gorgeous. But we had to go down quickly because it got cold really fast after sun went down. We arranged a camel tour with Hassan, there were 4 more people who were going with us. We had a nice talk with them in front of the fire what Hassan prepared for us that night and had a early sleep.

It was Christmas eve morning, the camel tour was in the late afternoon so we spent time on the sand dunes lying on the sand, touching the sand and rolling on the sand..

We finally got on the camel in the after noon, you go on a camel for a hour and a half and stay at nomadic tents. It was 250dh including dinner, camel tour and water which is really reasonable.

This is where our tents were. We spent the evening riding sand board and slay on the sand dunes. It was hard because you have to carry all the way up once you go down.

We had a great chicken tagine for dinner and they prepared the fire and played berber music with traditional instrument for us. We stayed up late being told Hassan's(different Hassan who leaded the camels) riddles and drinking. It was the best Christmas eve ever.

In the midnight, we open our Christmas socks Toby's parents gave us and had a lots of chocolates.

We went back to the town in the morning, Toby walked back because camels were too uncomfortable. Hassan took these amazing photos of us.

After we came back to the hostel, we decided to stay another night as Merzouga was so amazing that it was worth to stay longer. I painted this camel on the wall in Hassan's hostel in the afternoon and Hassan let us stay another night for free to thank me.

It was the best experience in my life going to the desert, me and Toby were even talking about living in Merzouga and working there. People are extremely kind that you even feel bad. Sand is soft as water and scenery is breathtaking. We started driving back to Agadir not being able to stop thinking about the desert.

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