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Creative collaboration - The grass is always greener

This project is done for my option module project called creative collaboration. I was joined in a group of people who do completely different to my sphere. But we managed to make a stopmotion video for our collaborative project. The story is about a woman’s dissatisfaction with herself and the desire to become better comparing with others. I personally think stop-motion animation was a good idea considering every individual skill of ours, such as Illustration, sound art, photography, and textile. As we are all very creative and open-minded people, We were able to discuss a lot of ideas regarding the storyline and we narrowed it down into a firm story which has a moral behind it through some more conversations.

Firstly, I drew the storyboards and we started designing the set. We divided the tasks to everyone because we all could do some basic crafts. However, Zoe (Textile Design) made most of the sets requiring some knitting or technics, for instance, miniature beddings and wallpapers. Jack (Photography) took all the photos in a booked photography studio so he could bring the best outcome with the nice pieces of equipment. After he has taken a few photos and put those together in an animation I put my illustrations on the top or played with some effects on After Effects and Premiere Pro. Joe (Sound Art) was there to get the vibes of the animation and made some pieces of music and sound effects. As a result, we managed to put our abilities in one piece of work.

Animations created with After effects and Premier pro

However in the end, Jack lost a lot of photos he has taken by mistake, result became a shorter trailer for the concept animation.

It was very inspiring opportunity for me to work with the people from different courses because how they work is a lot different to the way I work. I normally picture my idea in my head so I sometimes lose the ideas because I often forget to record it somewhere. However, Jack and Zoe were very organised in terms of managing their ideas writing it down on a note or making mind maps. It was very helpful when we made the story and wrote our management log. Moreover, I have learnt some basic photography skills and photoshop functions that I did not even know that they exist from Jack. I have benefitted not only from the group but from myself, I improved my video editing skills when I was trying out different operations, and I got a lot faster doing it too. The most significant skill I have got from this project is my animating skill, I could only edit videos before. But, now I can make my drawings move which took two days to find out on my own. But I am sure that it will make my own work more interesting in the future.

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