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Manifesto project - Plastic packaging of fruits and veggies

Updated: May 21, 2018

Let them roll around, not wrap them in plastic..

Fresh food packaging

When I moved to England in 2016, I found that a lot of fruits and veggies are in plastic packages in supermarkets and well prepared that people don't have to peel or cut it but just eat it straight out from the packages. But, when I saw piles of plastic after grocery shopping I started questioning that if it's even necessary and where they end up eventually. Therefore, I started going shopping to the shops which sell loose fruits and veggies. (In Brighton, Open market, Hisbe and occasional farmer's market etc..) However, when I went back to Korea after two years, it seemed it has changed a lot.

Plastic packaging of fruit and veg in Korea

It was barely impossible to get loose fruits and veggies and as you can see above they use more packaging to improve the aesthetic value not just protecting from going off.

The world is overloaded with plastic. Consumption of disposable plastic is a major contributor to plastic pollution. These items may be used for a day, or just a minute, but remain in the world forever — plastic does not disintegrate. Wrapping fresh food in plastic is an unnecessary use of non-biodegradable materials, which is leading to the proliferation of harmful waste, much of which is ending up in our oceans.

I made this poster aiming for major supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury's which have to be responsible to environment. Let them roll around on shelves like what they did back in the time, not making more waste by wrapping them in plastic!

Water colour process

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