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Narrative of unconscious - claymation (THE YELLOW ROOM)

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

We spent one morning with our tutor and course mates exploring the creative power of our minds by turning into our unconscious process and recording what we found. We paired in two and one of us closed our eyes and the partner asked where we were or who we were with in our unconscious.

I opened my eyes in a square room which is all yellow and very silent. I looked around and there was no door or window.I felt scared immediately. And also I saw some patterns of baby elephants and they kept appearing and disappearing. It was so creepy so I was panting and got panic and passed away again.

When I opened my eyes, I was sitting on a chair watching a sunset on the beach which is my favourite sunset spot in Taghazout, Morocco. I felt really calm again, and I just watched it until the sun completely goes down. That was the end of the unconscious journey.

I made the sequence of the video and started making the puppet of my self which will be in the yellow room. I used plasticine to make the puppets and acrylic paint to colour it.

Also used plasticine to create sunset scene.

I researched how clay animators animate different things with clay, and found how to animate water in claymation. He uses hair gel to make water to be glittery and watery. And makes some river flows with fingers to make the river actually flowing.

So that is what I did to create some waves in my claymation. I added some glitters to make it extra sparkly with sun set. And when I was filming it I had to make the sun to set at the same time.

The scene when I open my eyes and look around, I used photoshop and painting eyes and eyebrows and making it move and created stop motion video.

The scene when I saw the baby elephants. I made two colours of them with felt and copied and pasted to make patterns.


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