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Zoey the pig

Written by Louie Lawent

Illustrated by Phoebe Cho

Zoey the Pig, also known as Old Grandma Zoey, is Bouchie Gouchie Town's cantankerous but lovable 800 pound pig who likes to do things the easy way. Though everything Zoey suggests leads to near disaster, the town's residents for some unfathomable reason get pulled into the schemes of the outrageous pig. Zoey's latest debacle is setting up a 900 telephone advice line for children so Zoey can rake in the easy money so she can have the luxury mudhole of her fondest dreams. Unfortunately, the town's children follow Zoey's advice and misbehave, much to their parents' dismay. One little girl "Sally" mishears Zoey's advice and runs away into the biggest storm in Bouchie Gouchie Town's history. To save the girl, Zoey and her pals square off against Zoey's archrival Old Grandma Skunk and her skunk friends in a hot air balloon battle in the skies filled with mud pies and stink bombs. Zoey just wants to redeem herself while the nasty skunk seeks a big money reward for the rescue. Will Sally be saved?


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